Routine Language: 
Infant-Directed Speech Varies across Home Activities


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Becoming a Communicative Partner:
Infant Responsiveness to Maternal Language and Gestures across the Second Year

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On Differences and Deficits:

A Critique of the Theoretical and Methodological Underpinnings of the Word Gap

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Taking Center Stage:

Infants' Active Role in Language Learning

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The Children's Developmental Play Instrument (CDPI): 

An Extended Validity Study

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Power in Methods:
Language Inputs to Infants in Structured and Naturalistic Contexts

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A Longitudinal Case Study of Traumatic Play Activity Using the

Children's Developmental Play Scale (CDPI)

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Parent-Child Interactions

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"What Happened Next?": Developmental Changes in Mothers' Questions to Children

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Children's Language Growth In Spanish and English across Early Development:

Association to School Readiness  

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Ethnic Variation in Mother-Child Book-Sharing and Children's Storytelling

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Parental Responsiveness and Scaffolding of Language Development 

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Why is Infant Language Development Facilitated by Parental Responsiveness?

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From Action to Interaction: Mother Contingent Responsiveness to Infant Exploration

across Cultural Communities 

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